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Infoblatt für geschlossene Veranstaltungen

8) The Room of the proscribed

The scores under the foot and the faceless silhouettes in this room

symbolize the elimination of freedom of expression in musical life

during the Nazi era.

For women staying in the Deutsches Reich the Reichsmusikkammer

played a key role in the fate of women musicians by excluding them

from “higher music”.

The majority of female composers went into exile, some of them

became pioniers in their host countries like Vally Weigl, many lost

their lives in concentration camps like Lilly Lieser or Elsa Bienenfeld

having to play in grotesque female orchestras before their death.

10) Room of Contemporary Composers

A labyrinthine room, where TV screens will be mounted on stelas,

representing the diversity in contemporary female music creation

internationally and nationally. Each screen will present short

introduction and analysis of the most prominent movements in


Show reels will be contributed by institutions such as: phonofemme, female pressure, Universities and Womens´music festivals, Women´s music research institution and editions as well as national, European and international Composers organizations.

This room also contains 2 of the sound sculptures (see: Room of the Muses.)

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